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Some Selectafly seasonal offerings to help put festive smiles on faces! Whilst some items may be one-off's or some may be very few in number, ALL of the gift ideas below are the usual quality you would expect from Selectafly and are only available at these prices for a limited time. Happy (Christmas) shopping...and, as always, if there is a particular selection you would like, just give us a call so we can discuss putting something special together just for you - that fits your requirements and budget.
Selectafly Gift Voucher
Grab A Pack - Puddle Bung Selection
FM145030 RRP £5.99 Buy 3 Grab A Packs for just £10!
Grab A Pack Klink 'n' Dink
FM145025 RRP £5.99 Buy 3 Grab A Packs for just £10!
Grab A Pack Lake Selection 1
FM145010 RRP £5.99
Grab A Pack Lake Selection 2
FM145015 RRP £5.99
Grab A Pack River Dries
FM145035 RRP £5.99
Grab A Pack Stillwater Dries
FM145020 RRP £5.99
Seasonal Saving, RRP £12.99, now just £9.50
Colin Macleod's Mullet Masters
The Top Twelve Patterns! Complete with 'which, when and how' notes from Colin Macleod
Polaroid Sunglasses
Perfect Tint for normal UK Conditions