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Tools and accessories to help you make the most of your time on the water.

Strike indicators - here are three different styles of strike indicator, each effective in its own way, whichever you choose, indicators are proven to increase strike rates and are therefore a 'must have' in all bags. TOP TIP: Affix the indicator within circa 5 feet of the end of your line, this will help to avoid tangles and present the fly appropriately.

The drop back bung completely revolutionises small stillwater indicator fishing particularly on challenging days with light winds and pressurised fish. At times an increase in hittable takes in the region of 40-60% over standard indicators, is possible. The drop back, casts better, strikes easier and converts more takes than a standard indicator.

And also some perfect gifts - beautifully hand tied, only one left - following the retirement of our specialist tyer and also the cost of importing the hook brooch pins from America, the Silver Wilkinson measures approx 50mm in length and over 40mm from the highest point of the wing to the underside of the hook bend (excluding under hackle). Also a smaller neat brooch from Fulling Mill too.

Trout hooks sold here are in very limited quantities, but great prices! Fulling Mill hooks all come in packs of 50, Tiemco 20 per pack.

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Drop Back Bung Pack - Large


Drop Back Bung Pack - Mixed




Adhesive Strike Indicators

Available in two colours

Mini Fish Pimp Indicators

Available in 3 colours

Fish Pimp Indicators

Available in 3 colours

Classic Loon Nipper

New Nippers!

Loon Rogue Scissor Forceps

New Scissor Forceps - maximum versatility

Tactical Sighter


Precision Nippers




Fly Snap Links

Snaps - 25 Pack

Riverge Leader Rings

Tippet Rings

Khaki Twill Cap
Braided Loops (Salmon)


Fulling Mill Silver Dolly Brooch

Fulling Mill