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BL GH Eggstasy Fire Orange

BL GH Eggstasy Fire Orange

BL GH Eggstasy Fire Orange

We source many of our synthetic materials like Fritz etc, from Flybox of Perth. Their quality is great and they regularly bring out very interesting and highly effective new products. The latest innovation is Eggstasy and here's what they have to say about it: 

'Eggstasy is a revolutionary new product for tying egg-flies. Eggstasy is the first material to be made from new Next Generation (NX-Gen Fibre).  This material is a game-changer synthetic.   NX-Gen Fibres are micro thin and are designed to trap water forming an almost slush-like texture when wet, almost like a sponge.   The fibres themselves are also translucent which allows light to travel through the egg/blob unlike standard egg yarn.   NX-Gen Fibre has great movement, unlike egg yarn which remains static.  In the water the egg looks almost life-like.'

The fish are simply going to hoover up these hot little dots of colour so get ahead of the game and invest in a few today! 
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