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BL Squirmy Wormy Bloodworm

BL Squirmy Wormy Bloodworm

BL Squirmy Wormy Bloodworm
As seen in all the magazines right now the controversial Squirmy Wormy is a new pattern that is going to be a big hit on both stillwaters and rivers. This version is tied on a size 10 barbless grub hook, with a lead underbody. This fly looks sure to outperform the highly successful Apps Bloodworm and similar patterns. It is tied using incredibly life-like squirmy wormy material (which started life as something called a 'Spaghetti Stress Ball' and is already a hugely successful pattern in the States. Selectafly were the first to make this fly widely available in the UK.

The unique material used in the construction of this fly makes it reasonably fragile. This fly will not stand up to aggresive long casting and can be pulled off by fish. Many customers think this is a price worth paying because of this fly's amazing effectiveness, but if you're looking for a tough, highly durable fly the Squirmy may not be for you!
N.B. We have deliberately left the trailing body long. This leaves you free to trim the length to your own preference - which may vary from water to water and day by day.

Take the opportunity to add the bright red and the earthworm versions PR6025 and PR6026 to your fly armoury too!
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