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December 2017

Christmas Gifts and Goodies without Leaving Home!

If you're looking for a Christmas present for fishing friends or family - or indeed you're trying to provide some clues for people searching for a gift for you (or you just feel you've earned one from youself!) Selectafly can sort you out with just the thing! Forget having to brave the icy wastes - just get to our website or pick up the phone!
Here's a few thoughts:
  • Pick up one of our super Selections. Quite simply, these comprise our top selling, top fish catching patterns for the chosen hatch/season/water etc, put together from all four of our ranges and then offered to you for significantly less than the cost of buying each fly individually. There are lots to choose from - maybe our new Pike selection, Grayling, Winter Weighted Lures, Snakes Alive! - or perhaps look forward to warmer days next year and broaden someone's fishing horizons with our Saltwater Starter selection. Incidentally, for someone new to fly fishing - or one dimension of it such as saltwater fly fishing, Airflo do a range of complete outfits which are simply fantastic value for money and perfect for someone starting or branching out - reliable kit without breaking the bank. This isn't a sales pitch - we don't sell them! - but you can find them at lots of places, including here.
  • Somehow, we managed to track down enough foam liners (from Ireland via eBay!) to make another 25 of our famous red fly boxes. These have now been filled with flies and they will be the very last of our hugely popular Christmas Specials. When this lot are gone that really is it!
  • Struggling to find a gift that really 'hits the spot' for someone special? Have a look at the beautiful Turralls Split Cane Fly Boxes, then call us on 01753 883366, tell us what sort of flies you want to load it up with - or where the lucky recipient fishes, plus how much you want to spend - and we'll do the rest. The feedback we get from customers who have done this is always 'surprised - and delighted!'
  • Finally, one gift that always goes down well - and allows the lucky recipient to choose exactly what he or she wants - is a Selectafly Gift Voucher.

The Selectafly 'Fly of the Year'

As 2017 heads rapidly towards its end we can reveal the fly that was our top seller over the past 12 months. And we're delighted to say that it's one of our very own creations! Yes, beating off solid competition from the Kingfisher Damsel, the Hi Float Hopper, T15 Jelly Blobs and the ever reliable Diawl Bach (usually in its red cheek or holo red form) it's the totally lethal Snakelet that takes the crown. We have really struggled to keep up with demand over recent months and we're sorry to say that the message right now (for many versions) is - once again - 'more are on their way'. We will try to keep up in 2018!
(I used the white version to take 8 out of the 10 fish I caught - and released - in huge waves at Grafham last Thursday. Others have found them equally effective at that water and many others too - the secret is out!)

Out and About

Yes, it is cold (and right now might be just a bit TOO extreme!)

unless you've got one of these!

but with the right clothing - and perhaps concentrating on the middle of the day when it's slightly warmer - there is still fly fishing action available - as Ian Jackson found on a recent outing!

'Just a short note to congratulate you on the quality of Flies. I do buy quite a few from you and have had some great success. I fished last Thursday 23rd November in bitterly cold & very windy conditions & caught my biggest trout to date 17lb+ Rainbow & 14 other trout that day mostly on the Holographic Diawl Bach.'

Young Flyfishers

We love to hear about young flyfishers getting in on the action on the water so we were delighted to receive this photo showing the results of a recent fishing excursion by the youth section of the Stephen family. Well done to the whole team!

once again the biggest fish falls to female charm!
- and a Black Beadhead Leech
and here's another happy fishing family - the winners of the 'family award' (donated by Selectafly) at a recent Family Fishing Course run by Pro Team member Marina Gibson:

Find out more about fishing courses run by Marina here!

The 2017 Selectafly Quiz

Many of you seemed to enjoy last year's quiz so Jessica and I have wracked our brains and here we go again! The set up is as before - just send your numbered answers to by 18th December. Correct responses will all go into a draw and the lucky winner will receive a £50 selection of flies, chosen by him or herself from across all our ranges. Some questions easy, some tricky but - we think - all workoutable (?!) via your memory, Google and our website. Something to do whilst snowbound maybe?

Here are the questions:
  1. What was the surname of the inventor of the famous 'Bob's Bits' stillwater emerger pattern?
  2. Name 3 flies whose names incorporate alcoholic drinks.
  3. Who invented the classic lure - the Viva?
  4. On what date does the salmon season begin on the mighty river Tay?
  5. In July the Sunday Times reported the death rate of fish on Scottish salmon farms at a) 10 million, b) 15 million, c) 20 million?
  6. Name 3 flies whose names include the name of a game bird
  7. Who is the 'mullet master' responsible for the development of the specialist Pro Range mullet flies?
  8. On which river would you find the Torrish pool/estate after which the famous salmon fly is named?
  9. In total during the day, how many flies may be used BY EACH TEAM in the River Test One Fly competition?
  10. What fish are you most likely to be targeting when you tie on a Medicine fly?
  11. According to the Wildlife Trusts what percentage of the world's chalkstreams are found in England - a) 75%, b) 85%, c)95%?
  12. What is the current minimum landing size for bass (Dicentrarchus labrax)?
  13. Name 3 Selectaflies whose names incorporate vegetables you might eat with your Christmas turkey?
  14. Which of Winnie the Pooh's friends shares his name with a style of salmon fly?
  15. What breed of dog was Garry, who gave his name to the famous salmon fly, first tied by John Wright?

Thank You

Jessica and I often talk about how lucky we are to have such a lovely bunch of people as our customers and we would both like to take this opportunity to thank you for that, for all your lovely emailed messages, photos and stories (please do keep them coming) - and for your business throughout the past year. We very much look forward to looking after you in the year ahead but, for now, just want to say -

Happy Christmas and Very Best Wishes (and Tight Lines!) for the New Year

Martin and Jessica

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