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Dee Monkey

Dee Monkey

Dee Monkey
A beautifully balanced and perfectly proportioned example of this deadly salmon fly which has become a modern classic - effective throughout the season and essential at the beginning and the end. A trusted and time honoured colour combination of black and yellow enhanced by jungle cock cheeks and a tungsten conehead to help get it down to the fish .If you're lucky enough to be trying to tempt a stunning sea-liced fish in February or March don't leave home without two or three of these in your flybox!

More than once I've picked up a bonus fish when, after fishing a pool down with a conventional swinging fly without success, I've tried again - this time casting this fly square and then pulling it back pretty briskly. Hold on tight if you try this - takes are often savage!

Now offered in two sizes.
Product Code: PR5067
£3.75 each