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 A British summer usually throws us plenty of variety - warm, cold, sunshine, wind, rain, high water, low water...we have a lot to contend with. And our fly boxes need constant revisiting to ensure we have what's working right now.
On the large stillwaters water temperature will have warmed and whilst you may still be using blobs to get stockies excited now is the time to try something subtly different, maybe a mini blob that tempts an otherwise wary fish, small nymphs or, at last!, small dries. On the rivers, sophisticated nymph patterns and subtle dries can tempt a brownie or look at more subtly coloured patterns to cast to salmon in low water.
Should you be lucky enough to be heading further afield there's also a few suggestions to help you hook up with a memorable fish. Or if you need more advice call us so we can help!
Stillwater Dries & Emergers
15 Top Performing Flies
Mini Boobies and FABs
12 Top Performing Patterns Updated for 2019
Washing Line Selection
20 Top Performers Updated for 2019
Buggy Booby
Mini Candy Blob
Muskins Rust
Fulling Mill
Oily Worm
Fulling Mill
SBD Buzzer
Usk Grub
Avalon Shrimp
Spawning Shrimp