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With the worst of the winter weather behind us (hopefully!) many of us are now getting out whilst we can!
On still-waters snakes, weighted lures, apps bloodworms and blobs will be the first choice for many of us. With cool water and no weed the early part of the year can often produce really good fishing  - but don't fish too light and risk losing 'Mr Big'! It's not impossible to see fish rising on a warmer, calmer day so it's worth remembering to take your suspender buzzers or maybe a little F-Fly to tempt hungry trout into taking. And don't forget to look at some of the newer, smaller lures that can work when the bigger versions fail.
Finally, there are a few tried and tested patterns for those heading for warmer shores and the hard fighting fish that live there. Safe travels should you still be able to go!
And please remember, whatever you're targeting we're here to help so don't hesitate to call on 01753 883366.

Bloodworms, Hoglice and Shrimps Selection
Revamped for 2020 Top Performer Selection
Snakes Alive!
Selection of 12 snakes, including full size, snakelets, weighted, unweighted and booby versions.
Tasty Tadpoles
15 Tadpoles for 2020 Includes new Micro patterns!
Viva Tadpole
Spawning Shrimp
Slaters Stormin Normin
Fulling Mill
Hi Viz Sandeel