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April is a month when we need to be prepared for anything...and everything! We can be lucky and gentle breezes together with warm spring sun sees insects about or we can be hit with cold winds and a return of snow! Whatever the conditions, whether you want blobs to get those new stockies excited or lures with something extra; subtly different buzzers; sophisticated nymph patterns; great, strong spring salmon patterns or something that a tarpon will find hard to refuse, here are some patterns to help you start your season successfully!
Blobs Selection
15 Top Performing Blobs Newly Updated for 2019
Deadly Dozen Buzzers
New 2019 Dozen! (With or without bung!)
North Country Spider Selection
12 Spiders from Pro Range and Fulling Mill
Tasty Tadpoles
15 Tadpoles for 2019 Includes new Micro patterns!
Bung Blob Pink
Rob's UV Buzzer
Fulling Mill
Oily Worm
Fulling Mill
Copper John
Dee Monkey
Slaters Stormin Normin
Fulling Mill
Fulling Mill
Avalon Shrimp