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Finally Spring has arrived and we fly-fishers always hope there will be some mild, warm cloudy days with gentle soft breezes rather than harsh bright conditions, either completely still or accompanied by northerly winds! Basically we get what we get, but we always hope for the 'perfect' day. Since it rarely comes, our advice is to make the best of it and get out whenever you can! 

For trout, Spring should mean fabulous buzzer fishing. And while diawl bach's, crunchers, damsels and tadpoles will also work, it's not too early to enjoy some great surface action - hawthorn patterns, jingles, cippled midge etc. For salmon the chance of a big, bright bar of silver lures us to the river banks. Favourite tried and tested patterns work well - top up your Cascades and Wilie Gunns, or add an extra black and yellow pattern to your armoury. And soon we can look forward to targeting bass and mullet around the UK coastline - we have already received reports of fish being caught by those brave enough to be out!

The easiest way to get ready for the water in terms of flies is to pick one (or more) of our Top Performer selections - selected across our ranges to bring you the best flies. In terms of individual patterns, not exhaustive but these few would start you off, so take a look below.

Or if you need any specific advice not featured there please remember, whatever you're hoping to target we're here to help so if you need more advice don't hesitate to call on 01753 883366.

Deadly Dozen Buzzers
The 2022 Dozen (With or without bung!)
Diawl Bachs & Crunchers Selection
15 essential nymphs Updated for 2022
Dynamite Damsels
Top Team of 15 - Damsels you need to succeed in 2022
Tasty Tadpoles
15 Tadpoles for 2022 
Ultimate Bung
Dee Monkey
Willie Gunn Gold
Fulling Mill
JC Cascade
Colin Macleod's Mullet Masters
From: £12.95
The Twelve Top Patterns for 2022! Complete with 'which, when and how' notes from Colin Macleod. Special Offer to buy Mullet Masters and Top Performer Bass Selection together!
Bass Selection
From: £34.95
10 Fulling Mill & Pro Range Flies with How To/When To Fish Notes Top Performer Selection And special Mullet Masters offer too!