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A critical link in the chain, the connection between the fly and the line must be close to invisible, yet strong, easily knotted and supple enough to present the fly gently; no mean feat for sure! Choose here either the V2 World Class Fluorocarbon or the new premium Masterclass fluorocarbon or tapered leaders.

We do know that some of you are keen to track down the last remaining stock of the original (V1 as it were) Fulling Mill World Class fluorocarbon. Please call us for available weights and spool sizes. (01753 883366) 

Masterclass 9ft Tapered Leaders
9ft Masterclass Leaders - Various Breaking Strain
Masterclass 12ft Tapered Leaders
Masterclass 12ft Leaders Various Breaking Strains
Fulling Mill Masterclass Fluorocarbon
From: £15.95
50m Spools 2.82lbs - 17.50lbs
Fulling Mill Masterclass
40m Spools 20.86lbs - 23.17lbs
Fulling Mill World Class Flurocarbon
From: £6.45
50m Spools 2lb - 15lb Breaking Strains
Fulling Mill World Class Fluorocarbon
From: £10.45
100m Spools 3lb - 15lb Breaking Strains
Fulling Mill Xtra Copolymer
50m Spools - Various Breaking Strains
12ft Length - 9lbs Breaking Strain
Fulling Mill 15ft Knotless Tapered Leaders
15ft length - 2lbs - 7lbs Breaking Strains
Fulling Mill 15ft Knotted Leaders
15ft Knotted Leaders with Two Droppers - 5lb & 6lb Breaking Strain
Fish Pimp Indicators
Available in 3 colours
Mini Fish Pimp Indicators
Available in 3 colours
Strike Indicators
Available in two colours