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A critical link in the chain, the connection between the fly and the line must be close to invisible, yet strong, easily knotted and supple enough to present the fly gently; no mean feat for sure! Choose here either the tried and tested World Class Fluorocarbon or the new premium Masterclass fluorocarbon or tapered leaders.
Masterclass 9ft Tapered Leaders
9ft Masterclass Leaders - Various Breaking Strain
Masterclass 12ft Tapered Leaders
Masterclass 12ft Leaders Various Breaking Strains
Fulling Mill Masterclass Fluorocarbon
From: £15.95
50m Spools 2.82lbs - 17.50lbs
Fulling Mill Masterclass
40m Spools 20.86lbs - 23.17lbs
Fulling Mill World Class Flurocarbon
From: £6.45
50m Spools 2lb - 15lb Breaking Strains
Fulling Mill World Class Fluorocarbon
From: £10.45
100m Spools 3lb - 15lb Breaking Strains
Fulling Mill Xtra Copolymer
50m Spools - Various Breaking Strains
12ft Length - 9lbs Breaking Strain
Fulling Mill 15ft Knotless Tapered Leaders
15ft length - 2lbs - 7lbs Breaking Strains
Fulling Mill 15ft Knotted Leaders
15ft Knotted Leaders with Two Droppers - 5lb & 6lb Breaking Strain