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Grand Max Soft-Plus Fluorocarbon

Grand Max Soft-Plus Fluorocarbon

Grand Max Soft-Plus Fluorocarbon
This is the leader material we personally use whenever fluorocarbon is appropriate - a choice made on the basis of very extensive experience in the field and backed up by the findings of the exhaustive and  highly regarded 'Tippet Shootout' conducted by Yellowstone Angler in the US. To give some idea of the performance of Grand Max the following is extracted from the results (as tested, not from the manufacturers!)  published in Fly Fisherman magazine:

Grand Max                      diameter - .187 mm               breaking strain - 7.01lbs
Rio Fluoroflex                    diameter - .187 mm                 breaking strain - 5.62 lbs
Airflo SightFree G3            diameter - .185 mm                 breaking strain - 5.84 lbs
Orvis Mirage                      diameter - .187 mm                 breaking strain - 6.61 lbs
Manufacturers figures for Fulling Mill World Class fluorocarbon are:
                                        diameter - .195 mm                  breaking strain - 5.0 lbs

Whilst fully understanding that different people 'get on better' with different leader materials the stats seem to speak for themselves and in our opinion Grand Max Soft Plus is 'simply the best'. Although it's not cheap, if it puts extra fish in the net the price premium is a worthwhile investment. Prices shown are after July price reductions - net yourself the 20% off!
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