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Time to Start Thinking About Fishing!
Maybe it's just me, but as we move into February and the days get just a little bit longer, the promise of the year ahead starts to come into rather sharper focus. Some fishing trips are now booked, others still at a more thoughtful 'what if' stage. Either way, thoughts of what gear will be needed - especially flies of course! - are on our minds. And what better way is there to exercise your mind than using it to ensure that when you do eventually hit the water you are 100% ready to make the most of that precious opportunity!
So how can Selectafly help you?
Because we sell only flies and because we are one of the very few places you can buy every fly in the Fulling Mill range as well as our own Original, Pro and Barbless ranges, Selectafly really is your one stop fly shop - whatever you're fishing for. And, as we all know, the only thing the fish really cares about is the fly and how it's presented - they don't just throw up their fins in surrender at the first sign of a Loomis rod or a pair of Simms waders. As well as a huge range of patterns we are also continuously looking for new developments in the world of fly tying - and reacting quickly when we find them. That's why Selectafly has regularly been the first to make winning new patterns - from Squirmy Wormies to Snakelets - available to customers in the UK and beyond. Finally, don't forget that if you need advice we have a wealth of experience and we're happy to share it to help you put more fish in your net!
Keeping you up to date
To keep you in the picture at the start of 2020 there are one or two things to note. In no specific order they include the following:
  • As some of you may have noticed, prices from Fulling Mill went up a little at the beginning of the year. Their recent practice has been to hold prices for two years and, after no change in 2019, 2020 is an 'increase year'.
  • Our own prices have been held for even longer but continually increasing costs mean that these too must now move modestly upwards. These changes will happen during February so order soon if you want to save money! Don't forget that our Original Range flies, tied on top quality Kamasan hooks and usually around half the price of the Fulling Mill version, offer you fantastic value for money.
  • New Year = New Flies. There are some super new patterns across all four of our ranges. Some of our favourites from Fulling Mill include beautiful dries and beaded nymphs from World Champion Lubos Roza, more deadly pike flies from Paul Clydesdale and - at last - some super synthetic saltwater Baitfish patterns. Miniaturisation of proven patterns has been a big feature of stillwater fly development recently and lots of new Original Range patterns reflect this. The new Adams Klinkhamer is also going to be a big seller, as is the Buggy Booby! In the Pro Range we've recently introduced Booby and Bead Eye versions of our supremely successful Snakelets and the Foam Backed Hoppers are going to be hugely popular later in the year, together with several deadly new mullet patterns that proved their worth last year for Pro Team mullet maestro Colin Macleod.Several of the patterns mentioned above are also available on Barbless hooks. As always, you can find all the new patterns for each of our ranges together under the New Flies category - here's the Pro Range page.
  • The space we need to find to accommodate these new flies means that our Bin Ends section is now topped up with lots of interesting patterns. From tiny dries to saltwater specials there's something in here for everyone.  Do bear in mind that the fish aren't great followers of fashion - the flies still work just fine (canny customers often clean us out of old favourites with one order) and the price is right too - well worth an online rummage!
  • As some of you will no doubt have noticed in the past (to your irritation - and ours!) the 'Search' function on our website used to be more or less useless. It was a continuous bone of contention between our website providers and ourselves and eventually, we're delighted to say, something has been done about it. So, do try it for yourself - it may not be ultimate 'state of the art' but, at last, it should be more helpful to you.
 Take me to your Leader
New packaging has recently been introduced for leader material from both Fulling Mill and Seaguar - the products remain the same. Now is a great time to stock up on nice fresh leader material for the season ahead and to help you do so here's a quick review of what we offer:
  • Fulling Mill World Class - not the thinnest for any given breaking strain but tough, reliable and inexpensive - very popular
  • Seaguar Soft Plus (previously know as Grand Max Soft Plus) - the stuff we use ourselves and the best there is in terms of breaking strain to diameter. Thinner leaders = more fish - but tangles are more frequent too (a risk worth taking we think - but do always dispose of leader material carefully) 
This is the new Soft Plus packaging (10.4lb is our normal choice for reservoirs)
  • Seaguar Ace Hard (previously usually known simply as Seaguar) - The no. 1 choice for experienced saltwater fly fishers and the heavier stuff is also popular with the salmon brigade heading for Russia or Norway. Incidentally, we also sell this in shock tippet strengths (80-125 lbs BS) for tarpon leaders.
Nylon (monofilament)
  • Stroft ABR - super strong (but not 'pre-stretched') mono. A big favourite of the (highly technical) river competition fishers in its smaller diameters. Our first choice for dry fly work - when faster sinking fluoro can create a nasty, fish spooking 'rip' of the fly through the water on lift-off. We also use it for 95% of our salmon fishing because mono can take the knocks that sometimes cause fluorocarbon to fail. For salmon, we switch to fluorocarbon only in super clear low water.
We buy all our leader materials on a 'little and often' basis to ensure our stock never hangs around too long.
Top Performers and Top Sellers in 2019
As well as all the old favourites there were some patterns (lots of them new additions) that really delivered results last year when other things didn't. Many customers picked up on these fast and we sold an awful lot of them. Here's a quick summary of flies you might want to consider if they're not already in your flybox:
Stillwater Trout - Micro Blue Flash Damsels, both Black and Olive (barbless versions also now available), Foam Backed Hoppers, Snakelets, including the new Bead Eye and Booby versions, Mini Blobs, the Buggy Booby, Voodoo CatOlive Viper SnakeMini Minks
River Trout & Grayling - IOBO, Disco Shrimp, Adams Klinkhamer, Peeping Caddis Jig
Here are those trout and grayling patterns (carp too!)

Saltwater - Spawning Shrimp, Stormin Norman, Black Bomber (also very successful for pike), Hi Viz Sandeel (we still haven't found a fly that catches more bass - 29 for Martin at last year's Saltwater Fly Festival) and Colin's mullet flies.
and here are the Salmon, Pike and Salty flies
Fly fishing options right now
Very briefly, the main options for those not heading away for some winter sunshine are Pike, Grayling and Stillwater Trout (the links take you to our 'Top Performer' selections for each of them -the patterns in these packs are chosen by a large panel of users - our customers! - because they are the ones that get ordered the most in each category). Don't leave it too late into the year to get started - there's lots of lovely, fresh water about which should mean happy fish, little weed to worry about and the right clothing means you don't have to worry too much about the weather!
The Pike Selection, complete with wire trace
Tight Lines! - and very best wishes from us both,
Jessica and Martin

Selectafly, 9 Dukes Ride, Gerrards Cross, Bucks SL9 7LD United Kingdom

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