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Christmas is Coming!

Yes, ready or not, it's just around the corner so it's time for a few seasonal thoughts and ideas from Selectafly.

Is it still worth fishing?

In our opinion it most certainly is. Here's a few reasons why:

I (Martin) was on the Grafham bank on Wednesday and finished up with 13 fish which looked like fresh run mini steelhead, several over 3 pounds and a couple of 4s too - all caught 'figure of eighting' a mixture of Diawl Bachs and a Mini Minkie on a midge- tip line. Do check your backing if you’re tempted because you’ll probably need it - and dress appropriately. I did try to avoid finishing on 13 but my tiny remaining shred of common sense and the prospect of hypothermia said it was time to go home!

While I was there I heard from one of my (suitably distanced) bankside companions of someone enjoying catching a similar number of grayling from the Tamar earlier in the week, with the best at a solid 2lbs 4ozs. Did you know that the Tamar is the most westerly river in England in which grayling can be found?

Another December option is the toothy pike and I was trying to tempt one of these on Friday. Pike do seem to be one of our more moody fish (or maybe I'm just not very good at it!) and all I managed on this occasion was a modest jack. I'll have to try again! Do remember that, despite all those teeth and mean looks the pike is quite a delicate beast so do treat them carefully.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Looking for a gift for a fishing friend? One of this year’s Christmas deals from Selectafly could be the answer, all with a solid festive discount against the cost of the individual flies. Each selection is picked to cover a range of conditions, fishing styles etc. and every fly is there on merit. If the flies in one of these packs were the only ones you had for the day you’d be pretty well prepared! And don’t forget that they say charity begins at home so giving one of these presents to yourself makes perfect sense!

All priced at £25 with FREE P&P.

·        The Christmas Stillwater selection – 25 flies

·        The Christmas River selection – 20 flies

·        The Christmas Salmon selection – 10 flies

·        The Christmas Saltwater selection – 12 flies

All selections are neatly packed into foam strips in a clear plastic box and make great looking presents.

Here's the Christmas 2020 Stillwater Selection

25 winners for £25

Alternatively, upgrade to Premium and get your selection of flies together with one of Fulling Mill’s new Stealth Fly Boxes for only £37.50, INCLUDING P&P. These great looking boxes were launched just a few weeks ago – apparently they’re made from the same material used in riot shields so they should be pretty durable!

If you’re looking for something a bit different to these options do give us a call to tell us what you have in mind, your budget etc. and we’ll be delighted to put a custom picked selection together for you. And don't forget our gift vouchers - we can email them too, so no problems getting them in time even if you order on Christmas Eve!

For those of you out there who target the elusive mullet – or who are thinking of doing so next year – another great Christmas present idea is a copy of Colin Macleod’s new book Mullet on the Fly, a comprehensive insight into what the Mullet Master himself has learned over many years focused on these fish around the UK coastline and in the Mediterranean.

Learn how Colin has transformed the catching of mullet on the fly from the occasional fluke to a proven approach where success is expected rather than just hoped for! The perfect complement to the book itself is our own Mullet Masters selection of Colin’s top patterns, all tied to his exacting ‘recipes’.

A final thought on the gifts front is a bit more ‘left field’ but if you’re stuck for Christmas present ideas for a younger member of the family or similar, why not take a look at Zigzag clothing. Top quality, great looking T shirts and more, all ethically and sustainably made (which is what the business is all about). Why this rather random link? - well Zigzag just happens to have been started during lockdown by our younger son Tommy who was out of work and we promised to try to help spread the word! As an apology for this rare deviation from fishiness and because it's Christmas he's offering Selectafly customers a 15% discount until 10th January next year.

Here's a classic Breton stripe long-sleeved

T shirt from ZigZag.

To get your15% discount just input 'SELECTAFLY 15' at checkout

For all our EU based customers

from 1st January 2021

It is now looking highly likely that there will be no 'post Brexit' deal in place by 1st January meaning, we believe, that we will no longer charge VAT on the flies we send to you. You will instead be subject to local duty and tax on the import, the same as our customers outside the EU have always been. We regularly send flies outside the EU and, although there will be a little more administration and maybe time involved, you can still get the flies you need, shipped promptly as always. (Or, maybe - even easier - stock up with an order in the next day or two and get your flies before the deadline!)

N.B. This is our current understanding of the situation from 1st January. Things might change - if they do we will update you promptly and, as you know, we will always do everything possible to look after our customers!

What have we learned in 2020?

Maybe it's that we shouldn't take our ability to go fishing whenever we please for granted – so let's get out there whenever we can! - always keeping in mind the well known advice that "The gods do not deduct from man's allotted span the hours spent in fishing" which according to Google, is either a quotation from Herbert Hoover, a Babylonian proverb or an American Indian saying!

Finally, the most important thing of all to say in this last Selectafly email of the year is a huge ‘Thank You’ for being our customer and to wish you and your family a safe, healthy and happy Christmas and all the very best for the New Year, with plenty of time - and fishy action - at the waterside!

Tight lines and very best wishes from us both,

Jessica and Martin