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Hope and Anticipation

Whilst we remain locked down, often being subjected to some pretty disgusting weather, the prospect of a day’s fishing – for many of us (I do know there are some lucky people out there who have something on their doorstep!) – still feels some way off. And yet…. infection rates appear to be falling, numbers of people vaccinated are growing, the days are already getting longer, birds are starting to sing in the morning – so, with fingers firmly crossed, maybe we’ll be back in action before too long. In the mean time we can dream of walking to the water’s edge for the first time in ages with – if it’s not asking too much – a bit of cloud cover, a nice soft breeze and possibly a fish or two rising in the distance!

Here’s one place I’m already dreaming of getting back to in a couple of months, in spite of the entertaining - for spectators! - wading. It’s the famous Rhynd pool, on the Wester Elchies beat of the Spey. Sam, the ghillie, told me that, a few years ago, they used to catch 250 fish a year from this one pool. Sadly not so many these days but it did give me a 21 pound springer 3 years ago (on this fly) and you don’t need too many of those to maintain interest!

Planning and Preparation

One thing we can be doing right now – which is in itself a way of treating that fishing bug – is to invest time in making sure that, when the big day comes, we are going to be very well prepared for it! For some that will mean a super new rod or reel, whilst others will focus more on what the fish actually sees – the fly - which is where Selectafly can help. Help is at hand in various ways:

  • Stocking up on faithful old patterns that always deliver. Years of running Selectafly mean that we know which these flies are and, barring shortages of materials or a mega order that cleans us out, we try to make sure that we’ve got plenty of them.
  • A steady stream of new flies being introduced. It may well be that they get extra time in the water because we want to try them out but It does seem uncanny how well our new patterns work. Great examples of this from last year include Slush Blobs, the Killer Nomad and the Midas dries.
  • Using our knowledge of what’s working - largely established by what our customers are buying! - to create our Top Performer Selections. These are kept continuously updated as great new flies are introduced and to reflect the latest news from the water.
  • If you are a recent convert to fly fishing and need advice, or if you just need inspiration – maybe to deal with a specific challenge you’ve found – email us at or call 01753 883366 and let’s see what we can do to help.

Tasty Tadpoles from our Top Performer selection range - 15 winners for £14.95


Good news! Prices across the Selectafly ranges and for Fulling Mill flies are unchanged from 2020. As longstanding customers will know we don’t go for high prices which we then discount heavily. We also try to avoid buying too much stock that we have to sell off cheaply. We simply offer you a fast, reliable delivery of flies that are consistently well tied, using top materials from Veniards, Flybox etc on quality hooks from Kamasan and Tiemco - at fair prices every day. 

Early Season Fly Suggestions

Here’s a few that I wouldn’t want to head to the water without in the next few weeks:

Don’t forget to check your tippet material before that first outing. We stock the ever-reliable Fulling Mill fluoro (both the World Class and the ‘super premium’ MasterClass) and also the ‘best in test’ products - Seaguar Soft Plus and Ace Hard fluorocarbons and Stroft mono. More good news is that, since the spools are narrow enough to be classified as ‘large letter’ by Royal Mail, if your order is more than £20, shipping is FREE for UK deliveries. 

This Weighted Olive Mini Snake has been absolutely deadly over the past couple of seasons - pretty much anywhere, anytime!

Bringing You New Flies 

We are constantly on the lookout for new patterns which can give our customers the edge. As well as studying fishing magazines, both paper and electronic, from the UK, the US and Australia etc. we learn about important new ideas from our Pro Team and other fishing friends including you, our customers. Other flies come via the introduction of new materials to the fly-making scene – Squirmy Wormies, Slush Blobs and T15 Translucent Fritz patterns are examples. The tricky part always is working out which ones are nice but limited, maybe just a ‘flash in the pan’ and which ones are genuinely significant and will stand the test of time!

One significant recent trend is towards smaller sizes of well known flies. Whilst these work well at all times they really come into their own when the fish have seen the usual (full sized) suspects a few times – another great example of small tweaks that can make a big difference. Many of the patterns we are talking about are lures/tadpole types with the Micro Blue Flash Damsels, Nomads and Mini Blobs being great examples. However, the same effect is also being seen with nymphs and the proportion of size 12s and even 14s of flies like Diawl Bachs and Crunchers etc. has increased substantially against size 10, which has been the first choice for so long (and still has its important place of course). In fact my top performing fly from the Grafham bank in the last few months of last year was a size 14 Marabou Tailed Diawl Bach.

I don't know why the trout love it - but they do!

Fancy a day on the Test with Paul Whitehouse?

......or the Tyne with James Stokoe or the Usk with Hywel Morgan?

Last year the Angling Trust did a great job in helping to make it possible for us to keep fishing for most of the time and hopefully they’ll get us back in action once again as soon as restrictions begin to ease. If you’re tempted by one of these days you can help the Trust by buying a ticket or two in The Great Fishing Prize Draw. Good Luck! 

Tight lines and very best wishes from us both,

Jessica and Martin