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Midsummer Tactics
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Beat the Heat!
It seems remarkable that the UK can switch from one prolonged extreme weather pattern to another without pausing, even for a moment, at something in between - but that's how it seems to be now and I guess we must just get used to it.
So what can we do to succeed in spite of the weather?
Early and Late - if you can possibly do so, avoid the heat of the mid-day sun, even though, according to Noel Coward, Englishmen - together with mad dogs - can tolerate such conditions. Not only will you avoid sunburn and dehydration but you will have a much greater chance of success. With lower light levels you will find fish closer and often in quite shallow water - and they will be feeding, not sulking on the bottom! Sedges can be very important at this time - personal favourites include Charles Jardine's CDC Sedge, the Stimulator and the various colours of Balloon Caddis. The 15 Super Sedges from our 'Top Performer' selections provide a good range of options. And, as I've said before - if all else fails - find a deep pool and work a Peeping Caddis through it!
Small is Beautiful - the water is low and clear and the fish are wary. They need to be tempted by a more subtle approach which will often involve switching to a longer, smaller diameter leader (n.b. the focus on diameter rather than breaking strain, which can vary pretty dramatically by product) and a smaller fly. Don't worry about the fish being able to spot something tiny - in clear water they can. We offer a very wide range of Icelandic/low water salmon flies - from a 'conventional' size 12 Stoat's Tail to a tiny size 18 treble Executioner - lots of hitch tubes too. For stillwater trout how about the Baby Black Marabou, size 12 or 14 Diawl Bachs (the Pseudo versions in sizes 10 and 12 have been very popular recently) or, if the fish are rising, a Crippled Midge. On the rivers the faithful F Fly takes a lot of beating, or maybe a tiny Black Gnat, whilst favourite nymphs include the Tungsten Czech Pheasant Tail and a little Holy Grail.
Head for the Beach! - if the hot weather persists we might soon be finding bonefish on the south coast but in the meantime there's good sport to be had with bass, mullet, pollack and mackerel (don't forget that, by law, all bass must be released at present - I think that this ruling is due for review sometime soon) We have the full range of mullet maestro Colin Macleod's top patterns and a great selection of patterns for bass and other saltwater species - or pick up our UK Saltwater Starter Selection. Not sure how to get started on this branch of our sport? - have a look at our advice here - Bass Fishing from the Shore and Mullet on the Fly. Call us on 01753 883366 if you still have questions.
Carp on the Fly
One fish that doesn't get too bothered about the heat is the ubiquitous carp. They're a good size and pull pretty hard so locate your local carp fishery, grab your fly rod, a few dog biscuits, our 'Carp on the Fly' selection and go and find out why this type of fishing has become so popular!
Out and About
Unsurprisingly, given the conditions, sport has been a bit patchy recently but there have certainly been some good results in with the difficult times. One of our customers summed it up pretty well yesterday when he said "Yes, it's been challenging but by fishing thoughtfully at the right times of the day I've been doing OK and overcoming those challenges has actually been very satisfying"
Another customer who called recently was delighted with the performance of our Snakelets - 'amazing - I caught more than 30 fish on a single fly!' If anyone out there can better that on one of our flies do let us know - and we do love to see your photos.
Notable trout caught on our flies recently include a fish 'just shy of 21lbs' caught at Belflask fishery by Chris W on a Snake and this lovely looking fish of 17 pounds caught at 
Garnffrwd by Terry Beynon on one of our size 14 Black Gnat nymphs(remember the 'small is beautiful' advice above?) fished on a 5lb leader. Regular customer Alan Woodman provided the successful fly and was on hand with advice and a net!
The smile says it all!
Our Colin Macleod mullet flies have been very popular over the past few weeks and availability has been hit by a (tracked!) shipment that seems to have slipped its tracking and headed for the Bermuda Triangle. More are on their way.  One person who has put these patterns to good effect is Robin Howard aka 'FishyRob' - here's what he emailed us on the 15th
'Last night I got the GG, so I have had all three species since receiving the order. The GG likes the gold sand shrimp with the red bum, the thick lip the blue bummed diawl bach, thins the same but with the red bum.'
Here's part of his 'mullet slam':
Rob offers guided lure and fly fishing out of Brighton - you can find out more here 

Meanwhile, from a little further afield, David King sent us this nice message on Monday
'here is a quick snap from Grand Bahamas ...  
13 Bones and 6 Jacks fell to your  ubiquitous spawning shrimp , three flies utilised in the process. 
Must obtain some more of these before Mexico in October ... bloody deadly'
It's never this calm when I'm fishing the flats!
Here's the fly David's talking about
Fly News
We have several exciting (and deadly of course!) new patterns which we will be introducing later in the year but getting samples to, then from our tyers and approving them is an irritatingly slow process so watch this space. In the meantime, in case you've missed their arrival, we do now have more of the following flies where demand outstripped stock earlier in the year - SBD Buzzer, JC Diawl Bach, Killer Shrimp - and all variants of our Snakelets.
Get fishing soon - Tight Lines when you do, and very best wishes,

Martin and Jessica



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