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Christmas Crackers from Selectafly!
Yes, as always at this time of year we've put some super value offers and gift ideas together for you - gifts that are sure to delight the lucky recipient and get them dreaming of the fun they're going to provide (even when the gift is to yourself!)
Firstly, somehow we managed to find on Ebay enough foam liners to make up 25 more of the famous red Selectafly boxes so, for the very last time, we are offering these - together with our 7 most popular 'Essential Selections' (80 top selling, mainstream flies in total) for the festive bargain price of £29.95 And, since we think that many of these are likely to be bought for children or others starting out on their fly fishing 'career' and safety is paramount we'll add a pair of polaroid sunglasses for only £7.50 - half their normal price (take the second product option to add these)
If you really want to be ready for anything we are also offering 'All the Essentials' - every essential trout selection we offer, together with a Fulling Mill Extra Large Slimline Box - normal price £126 but, until 31st December, yours for just £75!
We also have lots more super selections, perfect for gifts and for topping up your fly box with banker patterns at discounted prices.
Starting with our hugely popular 'Top Performers', where we use the collective wisdom of our thousands of customers - in the shape of the most ordered flies for each fishing situation - to pull those patterns together, whether they come from Fulling Mill or our own ranges, then offer them at solid savings to the flies bought individually.
The latest selection we've created, specifically designed to keep you catching on stillwaters throughout the winter months, is our Winter Winners. Even if you don't normally fish at this time of year why not pick up one of these packs, wait for a half decent day over the Christmas break, then head down to your local fishery for a few hours in the countryside?
Other popular top performer selections (both recently updated/upgraded) for this time of year include Grayling and Pike, two great fly rod targets for the colder months. Incidentally, if you're tempted to have a go for pike but don't have the appropriate gear why not consider this bargain Airflo outfit which will allow you to get started without breaking the bank - and will also be ideal for targeting carp and saltwater fish such as bass in the warmer months.
To complete the picture on the selections front we also offer the full range of Fulling Mill 'Must Have' and 'Premium' Selections together with our own great value 'Essential Fly Selections' - flies you just shouldn't be without, across various categories.
Finally, don't forget that Selectafly Gift Vouchers make perfect presents and - if you're running short on time - we can send them direct, with your name on the voucher as the sender.
December Action
For those of you who are still fishing it can't be denied that we get some pretty unpleasant days at this time of year but there are always some better ones mixed in with them and actually the fish often don't seem to mind one way or another. So, whether it's stillwater trout, grayling or pike there are options available.
This superbly conditioned rainbow of 3lbs 6ozs was one of a round dozen taken from the bank at Grafham last weekend, all on an Olive Viper Snake from the Pro Range, fished on a very slow sinking Hover line with a steady figure of eight retrieve. And just to prove the above point about the weather it was a horrible day when the rod sometimes iced up and the fog didn't lift until the afternoon!
For some reason best known to the fish - maybe there are just lots of small perch on the menu at the moment - olive Snakes have been working brilliantly at lots of different waters recently. Our Olive Viper, tied with the striking 'razor grass' zonker strips from Frozen North is perhaps the best of them. That's why it is unfortunately sold out right now but the good news is that fresh supplies are already on their way and should be with us later this week.
Still looking good after a dozen fish and a day of my dodgy casting!
New Flies from Fulling Mill
Yes, the new patterns for 2020 are already released and in stock here at Selectafly. Highlights include some stunning new Barbless Beadheads for river trout and grayling, 4 additions to Paul Clydesdale's deadly stable of pike flies, several new carp flies including the hugely successful Disco Biscuits and some superb synthetic saltwater baitfish patterns. Find them in the New Flies section for Fulling Mill. There's a similar new flies section for each of our 4 ranges.
The Story of the Snakelet
We are very proud of our track record of regularly being the first company to bring innovative new flies to the UK market - flies such as Gamechangers, Anato Mays, Squirmy Wormies, Mop Flies, Eggstasy beadheads - the list goes on.....) One of our very best-selling flies of the last 2-3 years (along with the utterly lethal Micro Blue Flash Damsels) has been the deadly Snakelet in its various - all natural - colours and now, after numerous requests, in both booby and weighted formats. One of our regular customers, as he placed his latest order for fresh supplies, told us that nearly 50% of his fish - throughout the season, on various waters - had succumbed to the Snakelet. Easy to cast, deadly at any speed of retrieve, hugely attractive to bigger, grown-on fish - what's not to like?! We would love to offer an olive version of this fly (and we've been asked for this often too) but sadly mink is a very tricky material to dye in the colour we would want - and with a pelt costing more than £50 a time experiments are expensive!
The story of the evolution of the Snakelet provides an interesting insight into how new patterns emerge. In a nutshell here's how it happened - and it wasn't simply the minaturisation of the original 'big' snake.
Once upon a time the legendary Dave Barker invented the Minkie which quickly became a super successful pattern (and not only for late season fry feeders) which accounted for some huge fish at Grafham and elsewhere. As years went by a group of us found that we had even more success with a miniaturised version of this fly tied on a regular size 10 or 12 hook. However, we found that fish would frequently nip at the long wiggling tail and that long tail was also susceptible to wrapping around the hook as we punched out for maximum distance from the bank. This got me thinking - 'why not put the same sliver of mink zonker strip on to a tiny snake mount with a highly flexible braid joint and the hook right at the tail of the fly?' It worked, brilliantly, with much improved hook up rates, easy to cast (quite unlike 'regular' Snakes), the mink wiggles irresistibly even with the slowest of retrieves and the rest, as they say, is history. 15 months after we introduced the Snakelet Fulling Mill brought out their Mini Snakes, like their full sized snakes (theirs are tied with rabbit rather than mink) - which also work superbly. Originally, we only offered our Snakelets on barbless hooks because we felt they were too deadly for a barb!
And, as it's Christmas, we're giving you the chance to try a selection of 8 of these lethal little snakes for only £12.45.If you haven't yet experienced how these flies can transform your catch rate now's the time to do so!
8 Snakelets and Mini Snakes - £12.45
Finally, as 2019 draws to a close Jessica and I would like to thank you very much for being our customer over the past year and to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy (and fish filled!) New Year. We look forward to sending you more flies in 2020.
with our very best wishes,
Jessica and Martin

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