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A critical link in the chain, the connection between the fly and the line must be close to invisible, yet strong, easily knotted and supple enough to present the fly gently; no mean feat for sure!

Here's a little table we put together to convert the 'X system' to millimetres and even inches if required.

0 X 0.279 0.011
1 X 0.254 0.010
2 X 0.229 0.009
3 X 0.203 0.008
4 X 0.178 0.007
5 X 0.152 0.006
6 X 0.127 0.005
7 X 0.102 0.004
8 X 0.076 0.003
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Seaguar 'Soft-Plus' Fluorocarbon

Seaguar Soft Plus 50m Spools 20% Discount applied to prices of spools with former packaging

Seaguar 'Soft Plus' Fluorocarbon

Seaguar Soft Plus 100m Spools

Fulling Mill World Class Fluorocarbon

100m Spools 3lb - 15lb Breaking Strains

From: £11.75
Fulling Mill World Class Flurocarbon

50m Spools 2lb - 15lb Breaking Strains

From: £7.25
Stroft ABR 50m

Stroft ABR 50m Spools

From: £4.79
Stroft ABR 100m

Stroft ABR 100m Spools

From: £7.49
Fulling Mill Masterclass Fluorocarbon

50m Spools 2.82lbs - 17.50lbs

From: £16.50
Fulling Mill Masterclass

40m Spools 20.86lbs - 23.17lbs

Masterclass 9ft Tapered Leaders

9ft Masterclass Leaders - Various Breaking Strain

Masterclass 12ft Tapered Leaders

Masterclass 12ft Leaders Various Breaking Strains

Fulling Mill 15ft Knotted Leaders

15ft Knotted Leaders with Two Droppers - 5lb & 6lb Breaking Strain

Roman Moser Minicon Loops

RML001 Available for Trout or Salmon/Saltwater

From: £7.50
Fulling Mill Xtra Copolymer

50m Spools - Various Breaking Strains

Predator Trace


Seaguar Premiere Big Game

95lbs & 125lbs

Seaguar Tapered Saltwater Leader

Available to Order

Braided Loops

Clear or Fluo Yellow

From: £3.35