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PLEASE NOTE - All Seaguar/Kureha Corporation products are being repackaged and rebranded - the material itself is unchanged. Details regarding the two spooled fluorocarbon products we sell are as follows:

Seaguar Ace Hard (usually known simply as 'Seaguar') is now called 'Ace Hard' - it comes on a grey spool.

Grand Max Soft Plus is now called just  'Soft Plus' - it comes on a blue spool.

While stocks last we are selling stock carrying the former branding at a discount  - 20% off all sizes of Seaguar Ace Hard! All our stock is recently purchased, regardless of packaging.

Seaguar Fluorocarbon
Seaguar 50m
Riverge Leader Rings
Tippet Rings
Seaguar Premiere Big Game
95lbs & 125lbs
Seaguar Tapered Saltwater Leader
Available to Order