Selectafly Barbless

A superbly tied range of today's most popular lures, nymphs, wet and dry flies - tied on the very best barbless hooks. These hooks, mainly Hayabusa from Fulling Mill, are specially designed as barbless styles with great fish hooking and holding ability. Each hook pattern is chosen specifically for each fly. Many of the other key materials used in this range are widely acknowledged to be the best available in the UK today. When these are combined with top quality tying this range offers fantastic value for money.

We have chosen the patterns in the range with three types of fishing principally in mind:
1. People fishing catch and release on stillwaters both large and small. Many of these fisheries request that 'proper' (i.e. not just flattened barbs) barbless flies are used when fishing on this basis.
2. Fishing for wild trout in stillwaters such as Scottish lochs - where it is often possible to catch significant numbers of modestly sized fish, all of which are returned.
3. Fishing, again often for wild fish, on rivers such the Derbyshire Wye or the Usk (or any other river) where we expect to be releasing rather than killing fish.

I have been fishing barbless flies increasingly in recent years and can honestly say that I notice no difference whatsoever in numbers of fish lost (although I don't give them a lot of opportunity to cruise around on a loose line!). And however thoughtful, careful and gentle you are it's just not possible to unhook a fish as easily on a barbed hook as barbless. Give these flies a try. There are superb patterns across the range - many of them not available on barbed hooks.