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Sideswiper Crab Olive

Sideswiper Crab Olive

Sideswiper Crab Olive
I was introduced to this crab pattern by George Anderson of Yellowstone Angler fame in Cuba last year. He told me that it had 'transformed permit catches in the Keys'. It certainly transformed my own catch rate, accounting for 3 out of the 4 permit I have been lucky enough to catch in two trips over the past 18 months. Until now I have been buying these from the US for $9.85 each!

This crab has some unusual and distinctive features that set it apart from other imitations - the jig hook, the flattened lead eyes and the trailing leg as it 'swims' diagonally to the bottom. Whatever it is that makes it work I would do pretty much anything to avoid travelling to the flats without a few of these. The realisation that a permit has actually eaten - and the moment you set the hook - is possibly the biggest buzz that fly fishing has to offer.

Use this Olive version over darker, or stony, bottoms and the Tan over lighter coloured sand. N.B. the lead eyes can easily be trimmed with a pair of nail clippers to create the exact weight that you require.  Both the Sideswipers are now available in 2 sizes.
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