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PLEASE NOTE - All Seaguar/Kureha Corporation products are being repackaged and rebranded - the material itself is unchanged. Details regarding the two spooled fluorocarbon products we sell are as follows:

Seaguar Ace Hard (usually known simply as 'Seaguar') is now called 'Ace Hard' - it comes on a grey spool.

Grand Max Soft Plus is now called just  'Soft Plus' - it comes on a blue spool.

While stocks last we are selling stock carrying the former branding at a discount - for example a £13.99 50m spool becomes £11.19. All our stock is recently purchased, regardless of packaging.

Former packaging on the left, new packaging on the right

This stuff is what we use for all our own (non dry fly) stillwater fishing and is the choice of many top anglers - Matt Harris and Colin Macleod included (regardless of packaging!)
Seaguar 'Soft-Plus' Fluorocarbon
From: £11.19
Seaguar Soft Plus 50m Spools 20% Discount applied to prices of spools with former packaging
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Seaguar 'Soft Plus' Fluorocarbon
Seaguar Soft Plus 100m Spools