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Available  in either 50m spools or 100m, with a variety of different breaking strains, Stroft ABR (Abrasion Resistance) is particularly resistant to UV rays, scratches and water absorbtion (enhancing wet knot strength).

Stroft ABR is our leader material of choice for Reservoir Dry Fly fishing, River Nymphing for both Trout and Grayling and almost all our Salmon Fishing - and we're not alone, some of the leading river anglers in the country use nothing else (as do some of the most regular and successful visitors to the northern rivers of the Kola Peninsula - that's why we stock the heavy stuff!)

Here's some information from the exhaustive and highly regarded Yellowstone Angler 'Tippet Shootout' testing (they tested GTM whilst we prefer ABR - the performance is the same)

Stroft                        diameter .175mm       breaking strain 8.13 lbs
Orvis Super Strong     diameter .181mm      breaking strain 5.84 lbs
Frog Hair                   diameter .182mm      breaking strain 6.22 lbs
Rio Powerflex             diameter .175mm      breaking strain 6.60 lbs
Maxima Clear             diameter .198mm      breaking strain 5.07 lbs
      Manufacturer's figures for Fulling Mill Xtra Copolymer are:
                                 diameter .200mm      breaking strain 7.68 lbs

Colour: Light Brown Transparent
Stroft ABR 50m
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Stroft ABR 50m Spools
Stroft ABR 100m
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Stroft ABR 100m Spools
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