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Selectafly Top Performer Selections - no padding, no passengers - every fly proven in action and top sellers. These flies are the top fish catchers from all our ranges, including Fulling Mill. The good news doesn't stop there - you get a solid discount against the cost of the individual flies and as we constantly update these selections you can be sure they incorporate the newest, very best proven patterns!

Snakes Alive!

Selection of 12 snakes, including full size, snakelets, weighted, unweighted and booby versions.

Including new 2022 patterns!

Black & Green Selection

15 Flies Top Performer Selection includes

New 2022 Patterns!

Deadly Dozen Buzzers
New 2021 Dozen (With or without bung!)
Stillwater Stars
Be ready for all conditions with this super selection of 24 proven fish catchers!
Dynamite Damsels
15 Damsels Updated for 2021
Tasty Tadpoles
15 Tadpoles for 2021 Includes new Micro patterns!
Washing Line Selection
20 Top Performers Ready for 2021
Mini Boobies and FABs
12 Top Performing Patterns Updated for 2021
Blobs Selection
15 Top Performing Blobs Newly Updated for 2021
North Country Spider Selection
12 Spiders from Pro Range and Fulling Mill
Stillwater Dries & Emergers
15 Top Performing Flies
Magical Mayflies Selection
A dozen of the best performing Mayfly patterns for 2021
Diawl Bachs & Crunchers Selection
15 essential nymphs Updated for 2021
Boobies Selection
15 Top Performing Patterns
Super Sedges
12 Top Performer Flies
Dancing Daddies Selection
15 Top Performer Fulling Mill, Pro and Original Range Flies
Tempting Terrestrials
Twelve Tempting Terrestrials Updated for 2021
UK Saltwater Starter Selection
Saltwater Starters for Bass, Pollack, Mackerel & Mullet 12 Flies
Bass Selection
From: £29.95
10 Fulling Mill & Pro Range Flies with How To/When To Fish Notes Top Performer Selection And special Mullet Masters offer too!
Colin Macleod's Mullet Masters
From: £12.95
The Twelve Top Patterns for 2022! Complete with 'which, when and how' notes from Colin Macleod. Special Offer to buy Mullet Masters and Top Performer Bass Selection together!
Winter Weighted Lures
15 Weighted Top Performers Updated and ready for 2021
Winter Winners
15 Top Performing Winter Patterns
Grayling Selection
From: £14.95
Choose either 12 or 18 Top Performing Flies Both Selections now all barbless
Pike Selection
Top Performer Selection Six flies and wire trace
Bloodworms, Hoglice and Shrimps Selection
Revamped for 2021 Top Performer Selection
'Fish the Weed Beds' Selection
10 Flies Top Performer Selection
Frybashers Selection
Ready for 2021 action!
Carp Fly Selection
Carp Fly 'Top 10'
Sea Trout Specials
12 Top Performers