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Top Performers

Top Performers are so called because they are the flies that perform best within their category taken from all our Ranges. To save you time, each selection is kept up to date to include new patterns as soon as they have proven their worth, with the flies names and codes noted so that you can easily top up with individuals when you need to add more to your fly box. And you save money too! Each selection offers you a discount against buying each fly individually. 
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Deadly Dozen Buzzers

A Barbed Dozen (With or without bung!)

River Streamers

Six new streamer patterns

Stillwater Bankers

Catch when others can't - 25 flies we wouldn't leave home without!

Croston's Drop Back Bung Selection

Change the way you fish! Buy this, catch more with these Croston Specials

North Country Spider Selection

Specialist Spider Patterns including two of Paul Procter's favourite flies

Dynamite Damsels

Top Team of 15 - Damsels you need to succeed in 2024

Tasty Tadpoles

15 of the best Tadpole types!

Tempting Terrestrials

Twelve Tempting Terrestrials including Paul Procter's famous All Purpose Terrestrials.

Magical Mayflies Selection

THE best dozen Mayfly patterns

Stillwater Dries & Emergers

15 Top Performing Flies 

Snakes Alive!

Twelve of the Best!

Bass Selection

10 Fulling Mill & Pro Range Flies with How To/When To Fish Notes Top Performer Selection

Special Mullet Masters offer too!

From: £34.95
Colin Macleod's Mullet Masters

15 Top Patterns - Complete with 'How To/Where To' notes from Colin Macleod. Special Offer Mullet Masters Top Performer Bass Selection Combo!

From: £17.95
Blobs Selection

15 Top Performing Blobs

Mini Boobies and FABs

Small but Mighty!

Diawl Bachs & Crunchers Selection

15 essential nymphs

Super Sedges

12 Top Performer Flies

Dancing Daddies Selection

Dancing Daddies catch you more fish!

UK Saltwater Starter Selection

Saltwater Starters for Bass, Pollack, Mackerel & Mullet 12 Flies

Bloodworms, Hoglice and Shrimps Selection

Dozen Top Performer Selection

Fish the Weedbeds Selection

10 Flies Top Performer Selection

Frybashers Selection

Get in on late season action with these great flies

Sea Trout Specials

12 Top Performers

Carp Fly Selection

Carp Fly 'Top 10'

Grayling Selection

Top nymphs and dries to tempt the Lady of the Stream

Pike Selection

Top Performer Selection Six flies and wire trace